I Am Dynamic

Walt has always had a passion for the poor and oppressed.
As a teenager, he remembers walking the streets of New York City, wondering where he can safely sleep night after night.  Then one day, a senior saint opened her home to Walt, and he discovered a selfless lady who would be better known as his “adopted mother”. 
God used that lady to drastically change Walt’s life, and for the first time, he sensed a purpose for living...to seek and serve those who are in need. 
This is why regardless of what career path Walt found himself on, he has always served those that God has placed in his life. 
So why DYNAMIC? 
Because as a senior himself, Walt has experienced and identifies with those seniors targeted by this DYNAMIC opportunity to help them “finish well”.  For seniors, to “finish well” means to be a blessing to our family and not a burden for them to carry when we are gone. 
Walt has over seven years of experience selling final expense insurance and helping seniors find that right policy.  A policy that gives them the peace and dignity we all want in our golden years. 
What was the reason why Walt has chosen DYNAMIC to help seniors like himself? 
In his own words, Walt says: “The DYNAMIC culture is a family that speaks through its philosophy, where every individual is given equal opportunity to excel in meeting our personal goals as we serve the seniors in our nation”.      

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