Advocate of the Month Spotlight

November 2020

Kevin started his sales career in the Land Development arena where he quickly became a Top Producer and projected his career into Sales Management, where he helped trained and mentor sales representatives to learn how to follow the sales process to be successful.
In 2017, Kevin obtained his Life and Health insurance license so that he could help people to make sure that their loved ones will be protected either through final expense policies or by protecting their retirement with the help of fixed index annuities.
In his spare time, he loves to spend time with his family, which includes his wife, Julie, his daughter Erica and his two granddaughters, Elise and Annabelle.
Morgantown, West Virginia

Meet our Senior Benefits Advocate
of the Month, 
Kevin Eakes!

We talked to Kevin about life, work, and the Dynamic Difference.


See what he had to say!

How or why did you decide to join Dynamic as a Senior Benefits Advocate?  


I decided to join Dynamic as a Senior Benefits Advocate because of Josh Bowers. After talking with Josh about the opportunity, I appreciated his approach in describing what I can expect with joining Dynamic Insurance Services. He was straight forward in answering my questions about the expectations and we connected from the start. His passion for the company and the opportunity is what truly sold me about joining Dynamic Insurance Services and I am truly grateful that I did.

What do you love most about what you do? 

I love helping people to make sure that their final needs will be taken care of so that their families will not have that financial burden hanging over their heads during a very difficult time. It gives me great pleasure when my clients tell me that they are relieved that they do not have to worry about how their loved ones will pay for their funerals now that I was able to assist them in obtaining a policy that fits their needs and budget. 


How have you grown or changed since joining Dynamic? 

Since joining Dynamic, I am a better advocate for my clients by being able to do a policy review with them to make sure they are not in one of these predatory policies that they are not aware that they are in. Unfortunately, most insurance agents do not explain the type of policy that a client has, but we will make absolutely sure that they have the right coverage that they cannot outlive and fits their needs and budget.

Tell us about your life outside of work. 

My life is pretty simple, I do Daily Devotions, work out, spend time with my family and babysit my granddaughter one night a week.


If you had one day to yourself, to do whatever you want, guilt-free, and with no financial constraints, what would you do?

If I had one day to myself to do whatever I want without any financial constraints, I would take my granddaughter to the biggest zoo in the world since she loves going to the zoo and interacting with animals. 

What's one thing about you that would surprise us?

I guess one thing that would surprise people about me is that I get up every day at 4:00 am to start my day.


How would you describe "The Dynamic Difference"?

Dynamic Insurance Services is different from other IMO`s because of the support that you have here each and every day! It is truly amazing how the Mentors help you to succeed and motivate you on a daily basis. Also, the other advocates that have been here are more than happy to help you in any capacity where you may have issues so it is really one big family who celebrate each other`s success! Everyone here at Dynamic wants you to succeed and are more than willing to lend a helping hand in whatever you may need.

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