Advocate of the Month Spotlight

December 2020

I hail from a cornfield in Ohio.

  • I joined the Marines to see more.

  • Got a bum knee and went to College, roll tide.

  • I like to visualize whirled peas.

One of my colleagues asked why I wanted to be a senior benefits advocate,
"What's my WHY?" she asked, and it took me a long time to say because it sounds naive.


I want to help folks, I want to spend my day working with folks to
make sure they can rest easy at night. That is a life and career I can be
proud of.

Michelle Kitzler

Meet our Senior Benefits Advocate
of the Month, 
Michelle Kitzler!

We talked to Michelle about life, work, and the Dynamic Difference.


See what she had to say!

How or why did you decide to join Dynamic as a Senior Benefits Advocate?  


I have been working in sales for many years, and really wanted to find a career where I could help folks while making a great living.  Wanted something flexible since my work in a community organization keeps me on the move.  I found Dynamic and realized I had found a solution not just for myself but for many.   The more I learned about our dynamic platform and culture, the more I knew I found my home.

What do you love most about what you do? 

I love that I work with a group of folks who are out there every day looking for folks to help.  After doing over 200 policy reviews in my short career here with Dynamic, it became quite clear that ADVOCACY is required to do this job correctly.  It is sad and sick to see how many of my clients thought they had good coverage that would not end or change on them, well over 1/2 had been misled for years, I love that when we do our jobs well, we are effectively working to stop that cycle with every call.


How have you grown or changed since joining Dynamic? 

To do this  work well, one must be very present and in tune with whom we are speaking.  My challenge since childhood has been to slow down and be present, every call, every pack interaction, when successful, I must strive to be my best me, in order to help another.  Quite a personal growth challenge.  To Advocate, you have to connect, to keep a pack together you have to connect, each moment at Dynamic is a chance to grow, I am eternally grateful for that opportunity and for Dynamics eternal patience during this process: ' ).   

Tell us about your life outside of work. 

Since 2012 I have spent most of my free time working with a group of folks hoping to unite neighbor with neighbor, to create understanding and to help each other with problems we all share.  Dynamic is one of those  solutions to be shared to help someone's grandma get covered and find a career helping, so she can afford to pay her bills!  This symmetry brought me to Dynamic and helped my worlds overlap.


If you had one day to yourself, to do whatever you want, guilt-free, and with no financial constraints, what would you do?

Go outside, most likely crawl around on, lay on, get sun on boulders, or if it's raining then it's into caves!

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