I Am Dynamic

I became an advocate because my Grandmother Helen had a Gerber policy for 34 years and when she turned 80 years old she lost her coverage.


She was told by an Insurance Agent that the policy would always be there for her, and she paid over 11,300 dollars into a policy and died with nothing.


I work as an Advocate because I care about Families and making sure that this never happens to another person I talk to. I have been in the Insurance Business for 6 years now and I enjoy making a difference in a positive way. 


I have a huge love of bowling, pool, and softball. I'm always ready to watch a great game at any level or sport with my wife Melissa.


I work as a coach for the Dallas Cowboys Pee Wee football team. My family has been a part of that program for over 10 years now. It is a great way to give back and bring the love of the game to the next generations.

I am also a coach for Youth Bowling teams and leagues, ready to be there for anyone for no charge. I love giving back and you will see my love and passion I show in everything I do in life.

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