I Am Dynamic

Hi my name is Heidi.

 I was born and raised in beautiful Los Angeles, CA. and the surrounding areas in the county.


After graduating college from UCLA, I worked as a Licensed Health Care Professional for over 22 years in Southern California, Santa Fe, NM and Denver, CO.


Prior to joining Dynamic Insurance Services, I spent over 2 decades working as a Licensed Life and Health Insurance Broker and Trusted Retirement Advisor, specializing in the Senior Market. 


I have always been a strategic and compassionate planner whose goal has always been to protect individuals and families from the “unexpected” occurrences in life that could end up causing financial hardship in their futures and the loved ones they leave behind.

I have spent many years as a wellness coach and as an advocate of health and fitness. I enjoy outdoor activities including cycling and hiking.


Some of the things I am passionate about are alternative medicine, gardening, current affairs, the economy, world travel, and animal and environmental protection. I am also a trained as a Hospice Volunteer which has brought me great joy over the years.

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