I Am Dynamic

I started reading about History, Lost Treasures, Adventure and Mining at age 10 with Treasure Island.


I served for 6 years in the US Navy where I got into diving and metal detecting traveling the world it was great experience.

After the Navy I studied Business at UTEP and received BA in Business Admin and Accounting. I've studied History in several Major Universities, NMSU, Berkely Ca. History, Archaeology, Geology, Electromagnetic Imaging, Engineering and many other disciplines. 


I'm currently studying for a BA in Archaeology. 

I'm a Licensed Insurance Broker in 10 US States.


I'm also an Artist, Singer-Songwriter, Amateur Archaeologist, Professional Placer and Dredge Miner, Jewelry Designer, Chef, Paranormal Investigator, Historian, Survivalist, Diver, and Dowser for many years. 


I've been called a Modern Day Renaissance Man a Modern-Day Indiana Jones. 

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