If I am currently working remotely for another company, can I apply to be a Dynamic Advocate?

The short answer is: Yes. At Dynamic Insurance Services, all are welcome to apply!  We understand that 
your current opportunity may not be what makes you happy or what you are looking for out of a partnership.  We take a chance on those who take a chance on us. 
However, Dynamic, like most opportunities with a free leads program, is captive.

All Advocates are required to surrender contracts with other companies to be contracted through us and are not permitted to generate new Life Insurance sales with companies other than those we are affiliated with. Additionally, we have found that Advocates who juggle multiple endeavors are unable to make the commitment that we require and/or the money that they desire. For that reason, we do not add Advocates to our family who are engaged in other business ventures.

Is this a 100% Work-From-Home Opportunity?

We offer positions within our offices in Richardson, TX, and 100% remote positions across the country.

Is this a 100% Tele-Sales Opportunity?

Yes.  At no point will you be required to run appointments, develop your own leads, network, recruit, or any other in-person requirement that is typical in this line of business.

As a licensed Life/Health Agent, I can go Independent. What are the benefits of becoming a Dynamic Advocate instead?

We have found that the most enticing benefits of working with us to career agents are: Chargeback Protection and Free Leads. We do not allow 100% of a case to charge back to our Advocates; more information will be provided in your virtual interview(s), should your application be qualified to proceed in the Hiring Process. Additionally, we track sales, billing issues, offer ongoing training and support, are able to underwrite each of our Advocates' cases in real-time, and more. We are also very protective of our family atmosphere, and qualify each of our Advocates for Company Culture in our initial interview. Each of our Advocates could easily contribute to the development of one another - and they do! 
Going independent can be very lucrative, but it is also a very high-stress endeavor that requires near-perfect organizational skills and oftentimes doesn't offer the work-life balance that agents are looking for. We believe that our model alleviates some of that stress, allows for a considerable amount of autonomy while also creating a routine that gives our Advocates the opportunity to build their momentum and stack their wins.

Is there an opportunity for advancement at Dynamic Insurance Services?

Absolutely! We do not hire management from outside of our platform. Every Advocate added to our family is hired with the expectation of promotion within 6 months.

  •  We are a FAMILY.
  • We are fiercely protective of our Company Culture.
  • Integrity and doing what's best for our clients at all times are at the forefront of everything we do.
  • We specialize in Final Expense, Whole Life products.
  • We give our all to those who give their all to us. 

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