Please read all of the information below before applying to an open opportunity.


We are a family-owned and family-centric company of Advocates who do what's best for our clients at all times. We secure coverage for clients whose health profiles are seen as knockouts throughout the industry on a daily basis. We consult, we educate, and we protect families. And we are looking for like-minded agents who are dedicated to matching clients to the coverage they need.


What are we looking for?

"Rabid, Ravenous Wolves" - Josh Bowers, Vice President

"Unicorns!" - Moneke Cashaw, Director of Marketing

The truth is, our target candidates are somewhere in between. We are looking for candidates that stand out. That have just as much personality as they have productivity. Who are just as dedicated to contributing to our company's culture as they are to contributing to our Sales Leaderboard.  Candidates who experience the most success are:

  • Coachable with an intrinsic thirst for continuous learning

  • Competitive and always looking to exceed the last record they broke

  • Communicative and willing to OVER-communicate at times to bridge the gap that remote work creates

  • Entrepreneurial and knowledgeable about the very nature of 1099 work; EFFORT determines your financial success, period!

  • Fearless

  • Goal-Oriented and focused on meeting both the goals set for themselves and exceeding the minimums set by the company

  • Motivated and dedicated to always returning to the platform to get their next deal

  • Positive, even in the face of hardship and adversity

And most importantly - Hungry and Humble. The most successful candidates we've added to our Family are dedicated to ABC - "Always Be Closing" - and are willing to devote extra time and extra effort to reach their goals.

What do I do if there are no openings listed on your Career Site?

Submit a Contact Form (link below) to let us know more about you! We will keep your information on file, and will reach out to you at the time we begin staffing for our next training class.

Can I become a Dynamic Advocate if I am working remotely for another company?

The short answer is: No. At Dynamic Insurance Services, we take a chance on those who take a chance on us. All Advocates are required to surrender contracts with other companies to be contracted through us, and are not permitted to generate new Life Insurance sales with companies other than those we are affiliated with. Additionally, we have found that Advocates who juggle multiple endeavors are unable to make the commitment that we require and/or the money that they desire. For that reason, we do not add Advocates to our Family who are engaged in other business ventures.

Is this a 100% Work-From-Home Opportunity?

Yes. At no point will you be required to run appointments, develop your own leads, network, recruit, or any other in-person requirement that is typical in this line of business.

As a licensed Life/Health Agent, I can go Independent. What are the benefits of becoming a Dynamic Advocate instead?

We have found that the most enticing benefits of working with us to career agents are: Chargeback Protection and Free Leads. We do not allow 100% of a case to charge back to our Advocates; more information will be provided in your virtual interview(s), should your application be qualified to proceed in the Hiring Process. Additionally, we track sales, billing issues, offer ongoing training and support, are able to underwrite each of our Advocates' cases in real time, and more. We are also very protective of our family atmosphere, and qualify each of our Advocates for Company Culture in our initial interview. Each of our Advocates could easily contribute to the development of one another - and they do! Going independent can be very lucrative, but it is also a very high-stress endeavor that requires near-perfect organizational skills and oftentimes doesn't offer the work-life balance that agents are looking for. We believe that our model alleviates some of that stress, allows for a considerable amount of autonomy while also creating a routine that gives our Advocates the opportunity to build their momentum and stack their wins.

Is there an opportunity for advancement at Dynamic Insurance Services?

Absolutely! We do not hire management from outside of our platform. Every Advocate added to our Family is hired with the expectation of promotion within 6 months.

What are the technology Requirements?

The most basic requirements are as follows:

  • Windows PC OR Windows Emulator

  • High-Speed, Hard-Wired Internet

  • Noise-Canceling Headset with Microphone

Internet Requirements

  • .NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher

  • Internet Explorer 9 or higher with ActiveX Allowed

  • DirectX 9 graphics adapter or higher

  • Wired Internet Connection for all Advocates (via Ethernet cable)

  • Guaranteed Internet Speed of 512 kbps

Computer Requirements

  • 1.5 GHz x86 or x64

  • Minimum of 4GB RAM

Headset Requirements

  • USB Headset with built-in microphone

Check your computer's Tech Specs by accessing the following in your computer's Control Panel: