Our story is uniquely Dynamic.

We have always been transformative in nature.

We are a family-owned advocacy group that established itself and its intention to be a company built by agents, for agents, from the moment we opened our doors.

Discover the story of the Dynamic Difference below



Dynamic Insurance Services was born.  Visionary, entrepreneur, and Dynamic CEO Scott Myer’s vision for a full service, advocacy based straight line telesales platform took flight when Dynamic Insurance Services made its first calls from the Richardson, Texas headquarters.


2012 - 2018

Over time, and after considerable amounts of both failure and success, Dynamic Insurance Services understood that it was time for the little telesales shop in Richardson to capitalize on its potential and begin realizing its dream of changing the way that the Life Insurance industry addressed both clients, and agent partners.
For several years, Dynamic was happy to maintain as a small company, with small ambitions.  Now, it was time for Dynamic Insurance Services to boldly march into the future that had been little more than a dream 7 years prior.


January 2018

Scott Myer’s innovative and unique “Myer Mentor Model” goes live.  It is time for Dynamic Insurance Services to develop the best of the best, provide them with a career path, offer them upward mobility, and show our Advocate partners the way to a career.


January 2018 - July 2019

Joshua Bowers, the top producing Agent-Advocate in the history of Dynamic Insurance Services becomes the first Dynamic Insurance Services mentor.  As Joshua began building out the structure of Scott’s dream, they worked together to develop a platform that could provide hard working and dedicated people with a path to real career advancement.


July 2018

After Developing 3 new mentors, each with their own teams, Joshua becomes Dynamic Insurance Services Vice President of Sales.  In this role, he helped build and develop the structure and organization that would make up the foundation upon which the mentor platform would be ultimately built.  


July 2019

Dynamic reevaluated everything.  A complete overhaul of the support structure, the Agent-Advocate roster, and the executive level management was needed for Dynamic Insurance Services to reach its true potential.  Joshua Bowers stepped into the Vice Presidency of Dynamic Insurance Services so that, along with Dynamic’s original champion Scott Myer, they could steer Dynamic into its future.


August 2019

Under the direction of Joshua Bowers, and with the guidance of Dynamic’s new Director of Sales Janice Adams, Dynamic Insurance Services launches a new recruiting initiative designed to attract, train, and retain the best, brightest, and hardest working people in the industry.  Dynamic began hiring differently, training differently, and demanding a new caliber of success. As such, we were then able to create a hire-from-within opportunity, and to make it available to our most successful Agent - Advocates.


December 2019

Dynamic Insurance Services holds its First Annual “Dynamic Wolfpack Convention” in Richardson, Texas.  Advocates came from all over the country to mingle, share experiences, and celebrate one another’s success.  Every advocate and employee associated with Dynamic was there to celebrate Ivan Dazil, Dynamic’s newest Mentor, as he was recognized as Dynamic’s “Advocate of the Year.”


May 2020:

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