The Dynamic Difference

We Are Advocates

Dynamic Insurance Services, Inc. is a pioneer in the Final Expense Telesales industry.  We believe in advocating for Seniors who are attempting to navigate the life insurance market to ensure that their loved ones are not left with a tremendous financial burden when they pass.  We work with the oldest and most highly rated insurance carriers in the industry and are ALWAYS able to offer the best level of coverage and ensure that our clients' families are protected by companies they KNOW they can trust.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide the best level of coverage for any and every client we speak with, regardless of their circumstances.

We also believe in advocating for life insurance telesales professionals, providing transparency, honesty, integrity, and a personalized approach to every interaction we have with our agent partners. 


We believe that no matter what your background is, or how long you've been in this industry, you deserve an opportunity to make a real living while maintaining a positive work-life balance.  Our most cherished responsibility is to ensure a positive, healthy, and supportive work environment for every member of the Dynamic Insurance Services family.

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Dynamic Insurance Services- The 5 Dynamic Pillars

The Five Dynamic Pillars

Our philosophy is simple.  We believe in 5 pillars of business management.  Education, Transparency, Integrity, Responsibility, and Dedication.


It is our responsibility to educate our clients about the life insurance market and their options.  It is also our responsibility to educate our agent partners, to ensure that they are fully equipped to navigate this industry successfully.


We are transparent with our clients about their options, as well as about any coverage they currently own.  Our transparency extends to our agent partners, from company performance to commission formulas.


Integrity is the foundation upon which everything that we do is built.  We always do what we say we're going to do, and we always do what's in the best interest of our clients, as well as our agent partners. 


It is our responsibility to positively affect the lives of our clients, agent partners, and industry as a whole.  Our industry affords us the opportunity to make a real difference in the lives of our clients, their families, and our agent partners.  


The only real road to success is dedication.  At Dynamic, we pride ourselves on our dedication to our clients and our agent partners.  We expect our agent partners to show that same level of commitment to their clients, themselves, and their development.

Our Mission

Our mission is, and always has been, to fundamentally change the American life insurance industry.  

We were the first to identify ourselves as "Senior Benefits Advocates" rather than as "Sales Agents", and have always represented multiple carriers in an attempt to find our clients the best coverage available on the market.  We insist on working exclusively with the oldest, and most highly rated insurance carriers on the market; because knowing our clients' coverage is with a good, solid, and reputable company means we are doing our job. 


Our focus has always been on the client, and perhaps even more importantly, on their families.

We strive to ensure that our agent partners have a platform here unlike any in the industry.  Our focus has always been on putting a platform in place that would reward individual effort and provide hardworking people with a chance to grow and build a career. 


We have invested heavily in our company's culture, and atomsphere because to us, the "Dynamic Difference" has always meant "Family."

We continue to innovate, change, and redefine the relationship between IMO and advocate, and the relationship between advocate and client.


Our mission is, always has been, and always will be, to change the industry.


We are real people.  We are authentic and genuine, and everything we do is designed with authenticity and transparency in mind.  We understand the topsy-turvy nature of this industry because we have lived it.  Everything we do is based on the fact that we have over 150 years of combined experience in Final Expense and Life Insurance Sales.  Our approach is unique, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.


Our mission is to attract, find, identify, partner with, cultivate, train, develop and support the best PEOPLE on the planet, understanding that almost anybody can be a producer, our goal is to staff Dynamic with the best PEOPLE, and train them to be the best PRODUCERS. 


Rather than many of our competitors, whose goals are to “increase profitability while mitigating the impact of human resources inherent in a transient workforce,”  at Dynamic we understand that everything a company does, and is, comes down to its people; and that to have a company that we’re proud of, we have to invest in the people that are the Dynamic Difference.


Staying true to our identity and mission statement is a foundational principle here, at Dynamic Insurance Services.  What that means to you, is that we will always be a home for people that want to learn this industry, find success, make a good living, and cultivate a long term career selling Final Expense Insurance over the telephone.


Dynamic employs a “Four Tier” progressive path of development for producers, designed to gradually teach insurance producers the basic concepts and principles that they need to know in order to be successful, while allowing them to progress as they become more self-sufficient.  The concept is relatively simple and straightforward, while being incredibly thorough and building a solid foundation upon which a person can build a career.  


We start by bringing in newly licensed or unlicensed people who want to enter the Final Expense telesales market, and teach them the core principles of selling insurance over the telephone, such as sales process, CRM management and navigation, basic underwriting, how to connect with a client, and ultimately how to close business.  Once a person can demonstrate these skills, we move them to a higher tier (and a higher contract!) and begin to instruct them into more detailed aspects of the business, including client retention, policy administration, data and lead generation, and how to generate referral business.  


After mastery of these two beginning tiers of development, Dynamic advocates progress into one of the highest level contracts in the business, and begin to really move toward “independence.”  However, at Dynamic you are never on an island by yourself.  So, the support that Dynamic offers is available to our people no matter what tier of our platform they happen to be on.


Finally, it’s time for our advocates to become full partners, and they enter our “Alpha” level, or tier.  At this tier, they are rewarded with amazing commission percentages not offered anywhere else in the industry, as well as high percentage residuals and true independence, while again, always having access to the support, development, and family that is the Dynamic Difference!


More questions?  Contact us today to speak with one of our career advisors about what your future will look like as you begin your Dynamic journey!