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"My agent was great with answering all of my questions."

Bob A.

"Great customer service.  Made the process easy to understand."

Keith B.

"I had a knowledgeable agent who explained all about insurance.  I felt like she had my best interests at heart."



Rosa C.

"This Insurance Company rocks.  You can't ask for a better server. They are very clear and make sure their clients understand whats in the policy. So you want be surprised later on down the road."


Thomas C.

“When my husband died, I did not know who to trust to get my coverage taken care of. Thank you for becoming part of my family.”





Loretta S.

"The agent that took care of me was very patient, and helpful."

Carla W.

"My Advocate took the time out to explain things to me and he also promised me to go over my policy with me to see if I have any questions, which I thought was awesome. I would recommend Dynamic Insurance Company to anyone."


Betty J.

"Very professional, knew the answers to questions and very friendly and helpful"”




Lee B.

“I have worked with a lot of agents. None have taken the time to explain everything and walk me through the process of choosing insurance like you. Thank you." 



Mary M.

“They are very friendly and explain everything to you and work with you on budget pricing. I am glad I switched to their company.”



Sylvia T.

“They made me feel like I was an individual. They were very informative and very congenial!”



Paula H.

“Dynamic Insurance Services is a company filled with wonderful personalities, excellent communication, and outstanding service. This company makes you feel comfortable and at ease, like you are one of the family. It is easy to tell that they care about their clients. You will most definitely be pleased with their fast and reliable service. I highly recommend that you give them a call for your insurance needs.”


Danette D.

“The service I received from Melanie was respectful, considerate, very easy to speak with. She looked for the things that would be a benefit for me. Her manners over the phone was very pleasant n her explanations were clear and understandable. That is just so nice to get treated with a true concern for the person being served. I was very pleased.”


Eudelia V.

“With the health history my mother has, getting insurance has been a nightmare but this company have really made this a pleasurable and affordable experience.”



Kandis F.

“The agent was really good with his work and job, and he cared about me as a customer.  The company has outstanding people working with you.”


Tony M.

"I enjoyed their Transparency. I feel like they are truly looking out for the best interest of the senior population."

Trule C.

"Everything was explained in a manner I could easily understand and I was given options that worked for me. I was not pressured and I just enjoyed talking to this rep."

Katie M.

"Great people to work with. Affordable payments."



Carol T.

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